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Uvex Rx has a network of distributors that covers the entire United States. The distributor links will give you the opportunity to visit their web sites or contact them first hand. Please note that all Uvex Rx distributors are not listed on this website. Please contact us if you need the name of a distributor near you.

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Armada Optical Services, Inc. is a full service lab specializing in providing your organization with one of the best safety prescription eyewear programs possible. Armada allows you to establish a benefit program offering your employees safe, economical, and excellent quality, with one of the best customer service oriented safety optical labs in the nation. No customer is too small or too large. Armada will assist you in establishing a program to meet your company's needs, budget, and requirements for your industry. To acquire Armada's services or for further information, contact us at (800) 535-5067or email us at sales@armadaoptical.com.

Bomarr Opticians - Located in Central New Jersey, Bomarr Opticians realized the need for industrial safety prescription eyewear at an affordable price, without compromising service or quality. Since creating the Industrial Safety Division, Bomarr Opticians has customized and provided eye protection programs for companies of all sizes, including some of the largest Fortune 500 Companies in the tri-state area. Our Industrial Safety Specialists can design a program for your company to save thougsands of dollars on your eye protection needs. Bomarr offers on site service at your company's location or your employee may visit our store to fulfill his industrial safety eyewear requirements. For more information, call 732-494-1820 or e-mail us at bomarropticians@aol.com.

Brondstater's Optical America - The Brondstater family has over 50 years experience in the optical business. It is operated with one thing in mind ... to provide our valued customers with the best quality products possible. Titmus Optical products are a natural addition to our product line. Premium practices provide their patients with the best care and the best products available. Just as there are differences in products, there are differences in wholesale optical labs. As an independent wholesale laboratory we are here everyday to satisfy your optical needs. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

Carskadden Optical - A family-owned, full-sevice, independant laboratory established in 1946, bringing  eyecare professionals quality, reliability, value and support. We offer a broad spectrum of high quality frames, lenses, and eye care accessories. We are small enough to customize an eyecare program and large enough to handle any program. For more information, call us at 800-282-9861.

Columbus Optical has been supplying south central Indiana with safety glasses since 1965. Programs are available for all size operations, from a two-man machine shop to Fortune 500 major manufacturers. We have safety glass programs that incorporate eye care benefits that are available to suit any employer's budget. Columbus Optical is a member of the Optical Laboratories Association, and the Guild of Prescription Opticians of America.

Diversified Ophthalmics - Established in 1977, Diversified Ophthalmics, Inc. is your single source supplier for all ophthalmic products and services. Purchasing through Diversified allows the independent eye care professional to focus on providing great vision care. To locate an office near you, click here or call our headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio at 513-619-9172.

Eagle Safety Eyewear has been providing prescription safety eyewear programs nationwide since 1985. We provide customized programs for manufacturing, industrial, and government facilities. Our in-house lab and state-of-the-art processing equipment provide the highest quality product and service. Eagle Safety has 10 licensed opticians on staff to answer any technical questions that may arise. Whether your company has 10 employees or 10,000, Eagle Safety has a program for you. Contact Robert Abend, National Sales Manager, for more information at 800-221-2585, or e-mail at rabend@eaglesafety.com.

Essilor Laboratories is a network of manufacturing labs across the country who specialize in prescription safety eyeglasses and related products. Our local lab names are Duffens Optical, Southern Optical, Optical Supply Inc., Bell Optical, WOS Optical and Twin City Optical. We have a central sales office with both inside and outside sales reps to assist you in setting up a prescription safety eyeglass programs for both small companies and corporate contracts. Essilor Laboratories is a leader in lens technologies providing many exclusive high tech products. Call us today at 800-346-1338 and ask us how we can help

Gipson Safety has been serving the greater Northwest with the highest quality prescripton safety eyewear for 25 years. With prompt and friendly service, your eyewear needs are our only business. On-site dispensing service is available in the state of Oregon. We come to your place of business for NO extra charge! Call Tom Schendel at 800-231-6439 for more information.

Herslof Optical - Since 1942, we have been committed to providing only the highest quality ANSI approved safety eyewear to southeastern Wisconsin. Our many retail stores are conveniently located and offer comprehensive eye exams with highly trained professionals to serve you. We also provide on-site services. To learn more about what we can do for you, call 1-800-558-7073 or e-mail us at jane@herslof.com.

Hi-Tech Optical - In 1940, White Haines Optical Co. opened an office in Saginaw, MI. In early 1987, a group of local investors teamed up to purchase the Saginaw office from White Haines, and in doing so, formed Hi-Tech Optical, Inc. Currently, Hi-Tech Optical is owned and operated by Thomas M. Ryan. Marshall Brown, the General Manager has been with the company since 1979 and is in charge of industrial sales and safety programs. Our safety eyewear programs offer you low cost and freedom of choice. We can custom design a safety eyewear program to best fit your needs and provide you with a range of options to fit your unique company situation. You may choose to have us design a full service program with on-site dispensing at your facility or allow your employees to make their own appointment with the doctor of their choice and use our network of eye care professionals in your area. Our unique Safety Eyewear Eligibility System (SEES), monitors and manages employees' eligibility for replacement eyewear to specific parameters specified by your company. Contact Hi-Tech Optical at 800.638.1171, or visit us at www.hi-techoptical.com.

Hirshland Optical is a family owned and operated business providing safety and dress eyewear for the Tri-State area. 2008 marked 100 years of continuous operation under the now, fourth generation of family ownership.
Complete with a full staff of experienced Opticians, we pride ourselves in the ability to serve companies with as few as 5 employees to industry leaders with excess of 17,000 employees. We will customize a program to fit your company's needs. If requested, one of our Opticians will make routine visits to your location to provide initial fitting and measurements. Follow-up care such as adjustments can be done on subsequent visits. Call us today at 610-395-1099 or 800-322-9064 to set up your customized program. For general information, e-mail us at uvexrx@hirshland.com or visit our website www.hirshland.com.

Icare Industries dates back to 1968 when John W. Payne started the company. John was an industrial engineer who learned the optical trade from the industry leaders of that day, B&L and International Optical. Today, Icare Industries is one of the largest independently owned manufacturers of prescription eyewear and optical related products in the United States. Ranked as the 5th largest independent optical lab by Vision Monday in 2008, Icare is based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Contact us by phone at 1-877-422-7352 or by email at info@icare.com

Interstate Optical in Ohio - From our beginnings in 1977, Interstate Optical Company has grown to one of the leading wholesale optical laboratories in Ohio, remaining committed to excellence in customer service and total unwavering support of the independent eye care professional. If you would like to contact us immediately, simply send us an e-mail at: ja@interstateoptical.com

Kenco Optical is a full service optical laboratory, operated by N.Y.S. Licensed Optician James Kennedy. We specialize in Prescription Safety Eyewear serving the Industrial Community Nationwide. For more information please contact James Kennedy at:Toll Free Fax Number: (800) 405-3626, Toll Free Phone Number: (800) 872-2964 or Local Phone Number: (845) 340-5021 Ext. 103. Mailing Address: Kenco, 1000 Hurley Mountain Rd., Kingston, NY 12401 or E-mail: Jim Kennedy

Mancine Optical in Delran, NJ, can customize an eye protection program to fit "YOUR" needs. We can fit and measure your employees at your plant or our showroom. We can duplicate previous orders. We can also receive orders on a 24 hour fax line and process orders from the mail....and return them to you in 5 days!!!!

Midwest Lens is an independent, family owned and operated full-service Optical Laboratory that has been serving eye care professionals since 1987. Our goal at Midwest Lens is to deliver excellent quality and service to every customer. Call us at 800-444-7294 for more information.

Drs. Newman, Blackstock, & Associates Optometrist, P.C. in Virginia is a locally owned and operated business and has been for over 20 years. We have nine convenient locations to serve you throughout Southwest Virginia. If you would like to speak with someone about your company's safety needs please call us at (540) 362-7565 or e-mail safety@newmanblackstock.com .

New Era Optical Company is located in Chicago, IL. We have been a full-service provider of all things optical - exclusively for optical professionals - since 1912. New Era is an authorized distributor of quality products fromTitmus, as well as many of the most recognized names in the industry: Bausch & Lomb,Vistakon,Ciba,Wessley-Jessen, Serengeti, Bollé, Coopervision, Ocular Sciences, Transitions, and Essilor. We pride ourselves on an extensive inventory that enables us to deliver 96% of all orders we receive complete within 24 hours. While we continue to invest in the technology of the future, we still believe strongly in the principles of yesterday, when a handshake was part of every transaction. Call us at 800-621-5835, or e-mail info@neweraopt.com.

New South Lab in Greenville, South Carolina is a regional lab supplying eye care professionals in five states. We have established our reputation on excellent service and quality. Our prices are the most competitive in the industry. Please e-mail us at newsouthlab@home.net if you would like more information.

Omni Optical Lab, in Beaumont, Texas, has many generations of experience in producing quality optical products. Quality need not suffer for price and service. All of your optical needs can be addressed with one phone call to OMNI Optical Lab. We carry a complete line of frames, lenses, soft contacts, RGP lenses, and many other products and services. Examine our Product Directory and see for yourself.

Optical One is a complete one stop eyecare center which first opened in Indiana in 1961. Now, with 14 Indiana locations to serve you, each office is staffed with optometrists, trained opticians and laboratory personnel. We have become known for our extremely large selection, 1-3 hour service, superb quality and our "no gimmick" everyday low prices. Protective eyewear and vision benefits have been our focus for the past several years assuring you and your employees of the very best care. Contact us through our website at www.opticalone.com

Optical Prescription Lab, Inc. (OPL) is an independent wholesale laboratory serving the southeast. We process high quality eyewear with exceptional speed and customer atisfaction. We are proud to be a distributor of Uvex Rx and Titmus safety eyewear. We provide in-house Crizal and premium anti-reflective lens technology with 24-hour service on most orders. As an independent laboratory, we focus on supporting the independent professional with business building consultation in education, training and a variety of resources through our vendors. Please contact us at (800) 829-3937 or info@opticalprescriptionlab.com. Please visit our website at www.opticalprescriptionlab.com for more information including a short video about Crizal lens processing.

Palmetto Optical Laboratories - "Making your world safer." Palmetto is a full service lab located in Columbia, SC and has been in business for over 30 years. Currently, Palmetto does not have a web site; however, for more information, call 1-800-922-1498 pallab@earthlink.net.

Pech Optical Corp is a full-service, wholesale laboratory located in Sioux City, Iowa. With approximately 1,800 Rx jobs rolling off the assembly line every business day, Pech Optical specializes in the production of uncut and cut & edged Rx and Plano lenses for frames and quality sunwear lines. High-tech equipment and knowledgeable employees allows Pech Optical to offer advanced products and services to meet all of your optical needs! For more information, contact Pech Optical at 800.831.2352 or cs@pech.com.

ProTec Eyewear is an innovative prescription safety program created by Vision Service Plan (VSP), the nation’s largest and most respected vision care provider. ProTec Eyewear specializes in the eye safety of your workforce and offers reliable, cost-effective, and easily administered programs with no hidden costs or add-ons. Experience the difference and call 1-800-921-1732 for more information or visit our website at www.proteceyewear.com .

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Rite-Style Optical Company in Omaha, NE is an independently owned business that was started back in 1948. Initially we started by servicing the eyecare professionals in a regional area. Since then, we have grown to servicing industrial accounts throughout the country. In 1998 we were listed as the 10th largest overall laboratory in the country. We feel that we are small enough to maintain personalized prescription service, but large enough to handle the volume of even the largest manufacturers. Our success comes directly from our great staff of employees and their abilities to operate our state of the art equipment. For more information, call Bill Sawyer at 1-800-477-9291.

Rooney Optical is an independent family-owned lab.  Rooney Optical Industrial has been a division of Rooney since 1928.  Rooney's mission is to bring to our accounts the newest and most advanced selection of high-quality products and services available in the marketplace, at a fair and equitable price.  We will conduct our business with Integrity, Quality and Service.  We believe these values to be essential.  Rooney Optical...Small Enough to Appreciate your Business, Large enough to Meet your Needs!
Call us toll free: Cleveland, Ohio: 800-362-1400 /Latrobe, PA: 800-442-6953 or email us at rooneyoptical@hotmail.com

Safety Rx & Service Supply has been a Titmus/Uvex Rx distributor for 22 years servicing companies all over the world. We have over 150 "Safety Rx" distributors located across the nation & over 20 "Safety Rx" distributors internationally. We specialize in prescription safety glasses all across the globe. We have our own in-house optical lab with normal turnaround time of 2 days. We also specialize in "on-site, "in-plant" services, where we go to the customer and provide our services. We help our customers establish, develop & maintain an effective prescription safety eyeglass program and assist them with cost savings while still delivering the very best service and quality. Please contact us at: Toll Free 888-478-5252, or e-mail at srxo@aol.com.
Please visit our website at www.srxo.com or www.safety-rx.com.


SVS Vision provides both prescription and non-prescription safety eyewear. Our safety plan can be designed to meet your company's requirements for safety eyewear. These requirements may include special lenses, side shields and tints. The benefit allowance, billing procedures, and employee co-pays are always set to your company's specifications.SVS Vision provides each company with a "Safety Prescription Authorization Form", which must be signed by your company giving SVS Vision authorization to service a patient for safety eyewear. All SVS Vision safety frames and lenses are OSHA approved and stamped with the Z.87 code.If you would like an SVS representative to contact you about setting up an industrial safety eyewear plan for your company, click here to complete a request for information form.

Soderberg Ophthalmic Services, Inc. Covers the upper Midwest and is a leading provider of quality eyecare products and services to doctors and opticians. Soderberg was founded in 1945 by Frederick Soderberg, and today has 22 locations providing eyewear products, contact lenses, industrial eyewear, refractive instruments, and diagnostic instruments.

Thoren Optical & Safety Products, Inc. in Chicopee, MA provides an Industrial Safety glass program customized to fit the needs of your company. We are located in the Western Massachusetts area. We provide on-site fitting and dispensing of prescription safety glasses. The store location also available for off-site fitting and dispensing for your convenience. Call for further information 413-592-1199. E-mail address: thorenoptical@netscape.net

Toledo Optical Laboratory, Inc. - We've been servicing the optical industry for over 50 years! Committed to providing superior quality, ANSI compliant, Protective Eyewear at extremely competitive wholesale pricing, we are dedicated to supporting local economies and protecting the Eyesight of America's Workforce. Let Us Custom Tailor A Safety Eyeware Program To Your Needs! Toll Free Phone Number: 800/472-0107 Email Address: info@toledooptical.com

Twin City Optical is an established laboratory, yet still rapidly growing, with fifteen branch locations serving ophthalmic accounts in all fifty states. These branches are conveniently located in Minnesota, Montana, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, New Mexico, and Kentucky to meet the growing ophthalmic needs in these areas. Call 800-328-4912 for more information.

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UNICOR - It is the mission of Federal Prison Industries, Inc. to employ and provide skills training to the greatest practicable number of inmates confined within the Federal Bureau of Prisons; contribute to the safety and security of our Nation's correctional facilities by keeping inmates constructively occupied; produce market-price quality goods for sale to the Federal Government; operate in a self-sustaining manner; and minimize FPI's impact on private business and labor. E-mail Beverly Briggs, Customer Service Supervisor, for more information..

WOS - Essilor Laboratories is a network of manufacturing labs across the country who specialize in prescription safety eyeglasses and related products. We have a central sales office with both inside and outside sales reps to assist you in setting up a prescription safety eyeglass program for both small companies and corporate contracts. Essilor Laboratories is a leader in lens technologies providing many exclusive high tech products. Call us today at 800-346-1338 and ask us how we can help.

Walman Optical Company in Minnesota has 24 convenient locations nationwide, which are listed on their web site. Walman has been servicing the needs of the ophthalmic industry for more than 80 years. Catering to optical professionals nationwide, we are the ophthalmic practitioner's complete resource. Whether you have a patient that needs Rx fabrication, lens coatings or contact lenses, or you need new equipment and service, Walman can provide you with the solution. We also offer industrial safety eyewear programs and carry a complete selection of designer frame styles, premium sunwear and optical accessories.

Wislon Optical Laboratory
Billy D. Wilson, founder and president of Wilson optical laboratory, began working in the optical manufacturing business in his teens. His passion for the business helped him amass a wealth of knowledge along with a wide-ranging skill-set. furthermore, his desire to provide the marketplace with unsurpassed quality and personalized service fostered the aspiration of opening his own optical laboratory. To that end, Wilson Optical Laboratory opened its doors in 1975. Thirty five years later, Bill Wilson, along with a family of 32 highly trained professionals, has demonstrated an unsurpassed commitment to the original ideals that have made Wilson optical an industry leader. In  fact, Wilson optical has been, and continues, providing products and services that are at the cutting-edge of new technologies and innovation. Actually, with a  combined staff-experience of over 400 years, you can rest assured that you will receive the quality products and service that competent, committed, and friendly professionals provide. at Wilson optical laboratory we truly are;  “the lab with you and mind”. wilson@wilsonoptical.net

Winchester Optical Company in New York was founded in 1902 and is the oldest company among the top labs in the United States. We are a family owned and operated company, and our goal is to provide personal service for eyecare professionals. Winchester is a full service wholesale laboratory providing eyeglasses, industrial eyewear, contact lenses, and instruments. We operate five laboratories in New York and Pennsylvania with the home office located in Elmira, New York. If you would like to contact our Sales department, simply send us an e-mail at sales@wineyesite.com or call 800-847-9357 in Elmira, NY or 800-442-8008 in Greensburg, PA.

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If you are a Uvex Rx prescription protective eyewear distributor and would like to be included on this page, simply send us your web address and a brief description of your company.