Welcome to Uvex® Rx Safety Eyewear.

Uvex® is the brand under which we market our safety prescription frames, and it is one of the signature brands of our parent company, Honeywell. Along with the Miller® fall protection, Howard Leight® hearing protection and Honeywell® brands, Uvex reflects our company values: focusing on our customers, respecting others, working together and providing innovative products that help support a strong culture of safety in the workplace.

We hope you consider us as a partner in achieving your safety goals and visit us often for updates and new product information.

A Brief History

The company was founded in 1908 as Titmus Optical in Petersburg, Virginia serving the optical community as a manufacturer of ophthalmic grade glass lenses. Through the years, the company underwent several ownership changes; eventually becoming part of the Honeywell family. In 1973 Carl Zeiss of Oberkochen, Germany gained ownership and held Titmus Optical until 1995 when a predecessor of Sperian Protection, based in Paris, France became our owner. In 2012 we became part of Honeywell.

Although a lens manufacturer in the beginning, we began to add other product lines during the years. In 1953, sunwear was added; in 1958, vision screeners and safety frames; and in 1961, contact lenses. Currently, we market safety prescription frames under the Uvex brand and vision screeners under our Honeywell brand.

Today we have operations in two locations. Our marketing, engineering, finance, quality assurance, sales and shipping areas are headquartered in Smithfield, RI, while our Customer Care group is located in Chester, VA, not far from our original site.

Because one of our goals is to exceed customer expectations, we communicate with our customers frequently to understand their needs and how we can best help them. To this end, be sure to check out the “Contact” section to see a list of our key people who are ready to serve you.

Our Products

We offer approximately 70 eyewear styles, all of which meet the current ANSI Z87.1 Standard. We test every product in every size on a continuous rotating basis. We do this to ensure that our products always are in compliance, even if modifications have been made or a production process has changed. Although this Standard requires only an initial test, we are the only company that tests products continuously throughout their life. We also offer actual test results to all of our customers or end users, and did so long before it became part of the Standard.

Our product line is designed to accommodate a wide variety of safety needs, as well as end user requirements for fit, comfort and style. Through the use of multiple materials, we are able to offer safety frames for a range of workplace applications including extreme environments. For these environments, we encourage our customers to review the Titmus SW06E and Titmus SW07, both of which are di-electric and designed for use in dusty and high heat conditions.

Our People

We are incredibly proud of our people. They have contributed greatly to our success over the years and continue to be our greatest asset. They are dedicated to our customers and show it every day. Their level of commitment and available experience is remarkable. Many of our employees have in excess of 15 years with the company, especially in the Customer Care and Sales departments.

For our customers, this means there is always a group of experienced professionals who are here to help with issues that come up from time to time. We have the expertise to answer most questions put to us, and if not, we know where to get the answers.

Thank you, our customers, for all of your business throughout the years and we hope we can be of service to you for a long time to come.